Velvet Monster’s Ethical Code

Here at Velvet Monster we have a strong belief that a ethical code is essential. So feel free to read, as it is here for you.

Velvet Monster’s Ethical Code

Velvet Monster follows a strict  ethical code, and will be met at all times. 
ethical accounting – we will not abuse the tax system and only claim for legitimate business use.

ethical marketing – all products will meet and/or exceed their descriptions. And prices will always be of a reasonable price, or better. Also all products will not be portrayed as something they are not. They will also not be marketed at prices which competitors can simply not compete at.

ethical purchasing/manufacturing –  all supplies will all be purchased from their official wholesalers.

ethical employment practices –  we will not accept discrimination against anyone because of their age, sex, religion, culture, color, sexual orientation or disability.

The ethical code is going to be communicated to all staff, when they are hired they will be informed on them, and will be given a printed sheet of it to follow. I will continue to monitor employee’s to ensure that they continue to follow our ethical code. This will be applied through supervision on regular basis. 
It is also available her on the website. This is so everyone can see our ethical values, and understand them.